General Course Information

Take a look at all our courses and when we offer them.

Basic Courses
Basic courses 1 to 3 build on each other and each comprise 15 credits. Basic courses can be booked in any order They are based on the curriculum of the German Acupuncture and Neural Therapy Association (DGfAN) and the Austrian Society for Neural Therapy (ÖNR) and are recognized by these and other companies. Participation in the scientific symposium is recommended.
Basic courses 1 and 2 will be offered again in Heidelberg in 2019.

Master Courses
Master courses are independent units of 6 or 10 teaching units each. They can be combined with each other as desired.

News from Science
A special feature of the Heidelberg courses are short presentations, with which students of the University of Heidelberg enrich the theoretical part of each course. In addition to the practical exercises, you will also learn the latest news from research and science on neural therapy.

Our target
All workshops have the same goals:
They should convey new insights and aha moments in a pleasant collegial atmosphere. That which is learned should be directly applicable on the next working day, and the fun should not be neglected in the hours together.

Our standard of quality
We offer training at university level. We attach particular importance to the proof of evidence and to a clear, comprehensible presentation. The instructors are selected, renowned experts from Germany and abroad. They have many years of practical experience in therapy with local anesthetics.

Target Groups
Doctors of all disciplines in clinics and practices. Students of medicine and dentistry.


General Course Info

Basic Courses

Master Courses

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