The Hunter-Award

The Hunter-Award for Neural Therapy will be awarded every second year from 2017. The prize money is 2000,00 €. The award takes place for outstanding scientific achievements in the research of basic, clinical and practice therapy with local anesthetics (neural therapy).

Fundamental scientific work on the mode of action of local anesthetics, preclinical and clinical work on the application of local anesthetics in therapy, important practical applications and work on the fundamental importance of neural therapy as a regulatory medical and integrative method.
If possible, the work should be submitted in electronic form as a PDF document under or by post in two copies: Jury of the HUNTER Prize, DGfAN office, Mühlgasse 18 b, 07356 Bad Lobenstein

Submissions are in German or English on data carriers or in printed form:
• the original work (s)
• a short summary (abstract) together with the reasons why the work is relevant to the above-mentioned thematic circles (maximum of one A4 page)
• Copy of the evaluation report of the work (if available)
• Curriculum vitae (maximum of 1 page)

Closure: 15 May 2019
The legal process is excluded.