Refresher & Examination Course 2019-01-01T17:26:23+01:00

Refresher and Examination Course

Refresher & Examination Course

Saturday, 29.06.2019
8:30 – 18:00
[10 creidts]

Dr. P. Piehler, Attending for Internal Medicine, Wasserburg/Inn
& Prof. Dr. H. Nazlikul, Attending for Physical Medicine, Istanbul

Refreshing of knowledge and skills in an exchange between advanced practitioners and experts. This course offers room for discussion and evaluation. Tips and tricks for difficult techniques; strategies and tactics with complicated treatment plans.
Multimodal treatment.

Interesting for:
Advanced practitioners trying to expand their knowledge. Neural therapists requiring a refresher. Examination candidates.

Nachweis von mindestens 55 UE Kursteilnahme.
Proof of at least 55 credits. Exam participation requires proof of at least 45 credits. This course awards 10 credits. Courses of cooperating societies are accepted.