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German Courses

Basic Course II
Segmental Therapy

Thursday, 27.06.2019 from 10:00
till Friday, 28.06.2019 from 13:00
[15 credits]

Dr. M. Keil, Surgeon, Kassel

On the basis of head zones (cutivisceral reflexes), local anesthetics can be used to reach underlying, deeper structures to treat musculoskeletal as well as visceral ailments. Whealing is a prominent example for highly effective segmental therapy. Foundational knowledge of segment-anatomy, principles of segmental therapy, efficacy and side-effects. indications, simple and effective techniques. Clinic organization and accounting.

Interesting for:
Beginners without prior knowledge or to refresh basic knowledge and skills. Also suitable for participants of Basics Course 1 and 3 from 2018 or earlier.

Neural Therapy for the Medical Specialist

Friday, 28.06.2019
08:30 – 13:00
[5 credits]

Dr. W. Wotke, Dentist and GP, Wien
& Dr. N. Stamer, Orthopedist, Regensburg

Neural therapy is no longer confined to to general and pain medicine. Neural therapy continues to permeates to other specialties such as gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, veterinary and dental medicine in the treatment of functional disorders and chronic inflammation without clear organic causes. This course provides an introduction into neural therapy for all specialties.

Interesting for:
Attending physicians without prior knowledge that wish to attend a Masters Course on Saturday, 29.06.2019. Also for physicians with prior knowledge in neural therapy (attendance of earlier courses, participants of Basic Course 2 on Thursday, 27.06.2019.

Master Course Gynecology
Indications and Techniques

Saturday, 29.06.2019
08:30 – 18:30
[10 credits]

Dr. S. Weinschenk, Gynecology, Karlsruhe

Neural therapy has a 80% chance of success in chronic pain of the genital area. You will learn all new special techniques for the gynecology practice on a model. Diseases include: vulvodynia, lower abdominal pain, dymenorrhea. infertility.

Interesting for:
Gynecologists, GPs, pain specialists with experience in the treatment of local anesthetics.

Prerequisites: Attendance of the Gynecology 1 course or Basics Course 1 in the previous year or a Basics Course on the 27th or 28th. The certificate “Gynecological Neural Therapy” can be awarded after successful examination. You can complete the needed 30 credits during our conference in 2019. Holders of the certificate may be listed on the university’s physician list upon request.

Neurology I
Nerval and Facial Pain

Saturday, 29.06.2019
08:30 – 18:30
[10 credits]

Dr. A. Hagedorn, Neurologist, Berlin

Neural therapy with neurological diseases including central and peripheral neuralgia, facial pain, zoster pain, neuropathic pain.
Multimodal diagnostics and treatment.

-Interesting for:
Beginners with prior knowledge. Medical specialists without prior knowledge are recommended to attend the course “Neural Therapy for Medical Specialists” on Friday morning.

Save the Date

The preparations for the next conference and the World Congress 2021 are starting now.

• The 6th Heidelberg Neural Therapy Conference will take place on 09-11 June 2020, in the Marsilius-Kolleg (Deutsch)
• The 7th World Congress on Neural Therapy will take place on 09-12 September, 2021, at the New University Heidelberg (International)

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