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The Heidelberg Certificate of Neural Therapy

With the successfully completed Heidelberg Certificate of Neural Therapy. you can prove your knowledge and skills of therapy using local anesthetics (neural therapy).

Prerequisites for Obtaining the Certificate:

  • Evidence of at least 55 credits in neural therapy
    oOf which at least 30 come from basic courses) at the University of Heidelberg, the DGfAN e.V., the ÖNR or the BNR (Turkey). Courses of other member companies of IFMANT e.V. are accepted upon request with up to 30 credits.
  • Participation in an practical course of at least 10 credits, e.g. Basic Course 4 and the successfully completed exam.

The Heidelberg Certificate Neural Therapy corresponds in scope and content to the basic certificate of the DGfAN e.V. and is recognized by this company for the continuation of the Master of Neural Therapy (150 hours).