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We welcome all doctors. Expand your treatment spectrum with this proven, newly discovered method for treating chronic pain and dysfunction.
Neural therapy is a simple, low-side-effect and effective procedure. The growing scientific basis of this therapy is the topic of the lecture. You will learn skills and abilities for the next working day in your practice / clinic in the basic and master courses.


Dentists, like the previous years, are warmly welcomed to participate in our conference. This year, we are also holding a special master course for dentists.


The Heidelberg Conference Neural Therapy is the international venue for doctors involved in scientific research and scientists who study the effectiveness of local anesthesia, therapy with local anesthetics, and pain therapy. Participants from related fields (such as acupuncture, integrative medicine, natural healing procedures) are also welcome.
Here you will find a platform for discussion with other scientists, clinicians and practitioners about the potential of therapy with local anesthetics.
Please present your research results in the form of Posters or Lectures.


As a student of the University of Heidelberg / Mannheim, you will receive a 50% discount on course fees. This gives you the opportunity to begin your education in neural therapy at a discounted rate, and to take the exam for the Neural Therapy Certificate shortly after the end of your studies.

The elective neural therapy course takes place over two semesters. The part of the summer semester for neural therapy is held parallel to the conference. Dates for the elective courses are listed here.
Students from other universities may be accepted upon request.


Attending the Heidelberg Conference Neural Therapy is also useful for Veterinarians. Many forms of acute and chronic pain in animals can be effectively treated without side effects through the use of Neural Therapy. Dr. med. vet. Andreas Zohmann (“Neural Therapy in Veterinary Medicine,” Sclülter-sche 1994) has pioneered the groundbreaking work in this field. Both Small and Large Animal Veterinarians are encouraged to attend the Basic Courses (GK-3, GK-4, basics-1) or Master Courses.

Please note on your registration that you are a Veterinarian so the instructor can customize the course to your interests as much as possible.

Save the Date

The preparations for the next conference and the World Congress 2021 are starting now.

• The 6th Heidelberg Neural Therapy Conference will take place on 09-11 June 2020, in the Marsilius-Kolleg (Deutsch)
• The 7th World Congress on Neural Therapy will take place on 09-12 September, 2021, at the New University Heidelberg (International)

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