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Englische Kurse

Basics Course II

Therapy with Local Anesthetics

Thursday, 27 June 2019
08:30h – 17:30h
[10 UE]

Dr. Siddhartha Popat, M.D. et al.

Contents: Practical application of therapy with local anesthetics, significance of functional chains; neural therapy as a complementary
method to pharmacological pain therapy, possibilities and limits; harmless injection techniques.

Learning Targets: Understanding the neuroanatomical and physiological basics of this method; learning simple techniques for quick success.

Methods: Theory. Practical exercises and discussion of case studies. Participants may bring and discuss their own cases.

Language: English; slides presented in English and German.

Target Group: Physicians and dentists of all specialties, working in hospitals or practices. Students of medicine or dentistry (clinical phase), also for participants of the Basics-1 Course 2018.


„Neural Therapy for the Medical Specialist“

Friday, 28 June 2019
08:30h – 12:30h
[5 UE]

Dr. Nicolás Stamer, M.D. et al.

Contents: Neural therapy is no longer confined to to general and pain medicine. Neural therapy continues to permeate to other specialties such as gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, veterinary and dental medicine in the treatment of functional disorders and chronic inflammation without clear organic causes. This course provides an introduction into neural therapy for all specialties.

Method: Presentation and discussion of functional disorders in various fields of medicine, effectiveness of LA injections, their rationale and external evidence. Simple skills and techniques will be provided to allow the participant to get out the most of the courses on Saturday.

Language: English; slides presented in English and German. Target group: Medical specialists without prior knowledge that wish to attend one of the Master Courses on Saturday, 29.06.2019, also as a short refresher for physicians with prior knowledge in neural therapy (attendance of earlier courses, or participants of Basics-2 Course on Thursday, 27.06.2019).

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Die Vorbereitungen für diese Tagung und für den Weltkongress 2021 beginnen jetzt.

• 6. Heidelberger Tagung Neuraltherapie 09.-11.07.2020, Marsilius-Kolleg (Deutsch)
• 7. Weltkongress Neuraltherapie 09.-12.09.2021, Neue Universität Heidelberg (International)

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