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Optional Subject Neuraltherapy

(Only students of the University of Heidelberg, Klin. Semester)

Wintersemester 2016/17: appointment by arrangement.
Summersemester 2017: Friday/Saturday 23./24.06.2017

The number of participants is limited.
Those who have completed the first part in a previous semester can complete the second half in the summer of 2017 during this session. Please upload proof of participation in Part 1.

The number of seats for the 2nd half is limited and is subordinated to the full registrations.

Please find the dates for the optional compulsory subject in the flyer for download on this page:

I still have not participated in any WPF neural therapy.I finished the first half of the WPF and signed up for the second part.

I have already completed the course Neural Therapy within the framework of QB12, Natural Cures (5th - 7th semester).

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