General terms and conditions

Registration, Cancelation, Rebooking, Bills

Confirmation of registration shall only be sent upon receipt in full of the participation fee. Registration shall be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that a course is fully booked, registrants shall have no claim to a place in any specific course. The organizer expressly reserves the right to cancel any course should the number of registrations not meet the minimum required threshold. Should such cancellation occur, the participant shall be entitled, at their discretion, to transfer their registration to an alternative course without incurring any additional cost, or to receive a full refund of the course fees paid, without penalty.
In the event of a participant’s withdrawal from the entire booking, the participation fees shall be refunded at 90% if the withdrawal occurs up to 90 days prior to the commencement of the event, and at 50% if the withdrawal occurs up to 50 days before the event begins. Thereafter the full participation fee shall be due regardless of cancellation, unless the participant nominates a substitute who agrees to take over the booked arrangement in its entirety. A processing fee of €35 shall be charged for the cancellation of participation, the rebooking of courses, or the transfer of registration to a different participant. All banking fees associated with refunds or transfers shall be borne by the participant.
Should you have any special requests concerning the invoicing process, please inform us at the time of registration. A processing fee of €35 will be charged for any invoice modifications subsequently made. The prices are based on the current rates of the service providers involved. We expressly reserve the right to changes that are beyond our control.

Language Disclaimer

The masculine form may be used occasionally within the publications of the conference management, both in printed and electronic form. This is solely for the purpose of enhanced readability. It is understood that, in all instances, individuals of all genders are equally referred to.

Legal Basis, Limitation of Liability

The organizer is designated as the University Hospital Heidelberg, The Hunter Group. Should a third party enter into the agreement, they and the participant shall be jointly and severally liable to the organizer for the invoice amount and any processing fees.
The liability of the organizer for damages shall be limited to three times the amount of the invoice, provided that the damage was not intentionally or grossly negligently caused.
The organizer is responsible for the scientific program. The registration fees for the conference will be collected by the congress organization in the name of and on behalf of the organizer, acting as a fiduciary. The basis for booking is the General Conditions printed above. Oral agreements are non-binding unless they have been confirmed in writing.

Data Protection

The collection, storage, and processing of personal participant data are indispensable for the purpose of conference registration. This is conducted solely for the purposes of organizing and executing the event, and for maintaining a participant list for documentation purposes. Data will only be disclosed to third parties directly involved in the conference proceedings and when such disclosure is necessary for organizational purposes. The law requires us to obtain your consent for this. Consent is given through your written registration. Without receipt of such consent, registration for this event will not be possible. The organizer will handle all personal data in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the § 4 DSGVO.

Coat Check

An unattended room will be provided free of charge for the storage of outerwear within the conference area. No liability is assumed for coats, valuables, or any items stored therein.

Registration Terms/Conditions of Service

Fees (including 19% VAT) apply for participation in the conference. Confirmation of registration will be issued upon receipt of your registration fee. Should a third party enter into the contract, both parties shall be jointly and severally liable for the invoice amount as well as for any fees associated with rebooking/cancellation. A fee of €35 per registration will be charged for name changes. Refunds of participation fees will not be issued for non-attendance or early departure. Should you have any special requests regarding invoicing, please inform us at the time of registration. A processing fee of €35 will be charged for any subsequent invoice amendments.
A Thirty-Five Dollars ($35) cancellation fee will be charged for any cancellation of participation. In the event of withdrawal from the entire booking by the participant, a refund of ninety percent (90%) of the participation fees shall be made provided that such withdrawal occurs no later than ninety (90) days prior to the commencement of the event, and a refund of fifty percent (50%) of the participation fees shall be made provided that such withdrawal occurs no later than fifty (50) days prior to the commencement of the event. Subsequent to these periods, the full participation fee shall become non-refundable upon cancellation, except in circumstances where the participant nominates a replacement who agrees to assume all obligations under the originally booked arrangement in full.


The organizer shall not be liable for any losses, accidents, or damages, regardless of their origin, to persons or property. Participants and accompanying individuals attend the conference and all related events/activities at their own risk and responsibility. The aforementioned limitations of liability also extend to the personal liability of employees, representatives, agents, and third parties engaged in connection with the organization of the event or with whom a contractual agreement is made for this purpose. No liability is assumed for items entrusted or brought by individuals.
In cases of gross negligence and/or intent, liability is limited to three times the invoice amount. Claims for damages against the organizer cannot be asserted if the execution of the conference or parts thereof is hindered or rendered impossible by unforeseen political or economic events, force majeure, or if program changes are necessary due to cancellations by speakers or similar reasons.
In the event of force majeure (including but not limited to fire, epidemics, labor disputes, war, riots, warlike or terrorist acts, imminent or actual environmental disasters, volcanic eruptions, government restrictions, etc.) or other compelling reasons beyond the control of the organizer, the event may be postponed, cancelled in whole or in part, limited in duration, or modified. In such cases, the registrant is not entitled to any refunds or claims for damages. It is the sole responsibility of the registrant to arrange appropriate insurance coverage to mitigate the risks of force majeure.

Photo/Video Recordings and Their Use

Participants are not permitted to take photos, videos, or audio recordings during the conference. The organizers may conduct photo and video recordings, which may include capturing images and footage of participants. By registering, the participant agrees that the organizers have the right to acquire these images free of charge and may use them publicly or non-publicly. Unauthorized recordings during the conference are also the property of the organizer.