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Vorträge 2022-06-27T14:12:55+02:00


Grundlagenforschung, Klinische Forschung, Praxis.
Geladene Referenten, freie Vorträge, Posterausstellung.
Vorträge in Englisch. Streaming weltweit.

Zeit: Freitag, 8. Juli 2022 14.00 -18.45 Uhr
Ort: Marsilius-Kolleg, Großer Hörsaal und Live im Internet

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14.00 – 15.30 Uhr

M. Weigand (UKHD Heidelberg),
F. Riedel (UKHD Heidelberg),
M. Hausmann (Univ. Heidelberg),
M. Huhn (KIT Karlsruhe)

Science of TLA

Opening Message Dept. Anesthesiology: The Pain Research Hub SFB 1158 at the University Heidelberg.

Opening Message Women Hospital, University Heidelberg – The Heidelberg – Mannheim – Karlsruhe TLA Research Group.

Spatial Organization of Membrane Molecules after LA Treatment Analysed by Single Molecule Localization Microscopy.

Membrane-mediated Activity of Local Anesthetics: a Biophysical View on LAs.

Anti-inflammatory Effects of LA: Inhibition of TNF-a Secretion in Human Leucocytes.

Kaffeepause und Foto

16.00 – 17.15pm

H. Nazlikul (University Istanbul),
F. Topbas (Istanbul),
O. Keim (UMM Mannheim)

Clinical Base of TLA

The IFMANT & BNR President: Current NT Research in Turkey.

Measurement of C-fiber Density in Chronic Pain: A Way to Measure TLA effects?

Influence of TLA on 24-hour Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

The Impact of Ultrasound-guided Stellate Ganglion Block on short-Heart Rate Variability (s-HRV).

17.35 – 18.45 Uhr

R. Stemberger (Innsbruck),
B. Siegler (UKHD Heidelberg),
S. Weinschenk (UKHD Heidelberg),
D. Vinyes-Casajoana (Univ. Barcelona)

Practice of TLA

The ÖNR President: The World of Neural Therapy Meets in Heidelberg.

Therapy of Post-spinal Headache with Local Anesthetics after Cesarian Section. A new Perspective?

TLA in Vulvodynia Syndrome – Results of 45 cases.

TLA for Treating the Severe Post-Covid Syndrome.

Wound Infiltration with LA: Research Data and Current Guidelines.