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Remote Effects of Local Anesthetics

Basic Research, Clinical Research, Practice, invited international presenters, free presentations, poster presentations

All participants are invited to participate in the presentation portion of the congress. Attendence fee is included in the Basic and Master’s course expenses.


Molecular Foundations
(Chair: Prof. Dr. med. Justus Benrath)

Opening Remarks: Heidelberg University,
M. Weigand, University Clinic HD

Begrüßung Ambulanz für Schmerztherapie und
Palliativmedizin, H. Bardenheuer, Universität Heidelberg

Opening Remarks: President of the IFMANT e.V, H. Nazlikul

The membrane-fluid-model and the remote effects of LA on the Membrane”
Prof. Dr. Anne S. Ulrich, KIT Karlsruhe

„Neural Regulation of Joint Pain –
remote effects of LA.“
Prof. Dr. H.-G. Schaible, Jena (requested)

“What is pain? A postions”
PD Dr. med. Jonas Tesarz, Heidelberg


Clinical Foundations
(Chairman: Prof. Dr. Huseyin Nazlıkul, Istanbul)

Therapy with Local Anesthetics: Clinical Remote Effects?”
Dr. Weinschenk, Karlsruhe

“Effects of LA on Fascia. A New Principle of Therapy?”
Dr. Hans-Udo Richarz, Ulm

Lecture Winner of the HUNTER Prize
Prize bestowal


18.00 Uhr

Practical Uses
(Pres. Dr. med. Siddhartha Poppat)

“Intraluminal Neural Therapy – a New Type of Application for Therapy with LA”
Prof. Dr. med. Jost Langhorst, Bamberg

“Neural Therapy for Vulvodynia and Chronic Lower Abdomin Pain. The Newest Data.”
Eugen Kessler, Heidelberg

Ending Remarks

19.00 Uhr

End, meeting in the lounge

Attention, topics and order of lectures may change even after that.
The current list of lectures can be found in the daily newspaper. These can be obtained from the congress office with your documents.