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for the International Online Session (English) “The science of TLA”:
Friday, 5th July 2024, 12.00 – 4.45pm UTC (CEST, local time Germany: 14.00-18:45 pm, EST: 8:00 am)

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If your company or society covers the fees, you can register for free using this fast registration form.

How to get the password for the registration?
NT and Acupuncture Societies joining the program (examples as of April 2024: DÄGfA, DGfAN, NAANT, and University Heidelberg). Further societies have announced to join the program. Please contact your society to find out if they join the program. Feel free to register preliminarily and provide us your institution/company name by e-mail by 4th July, 2024, 12.00 pm UTC.

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For technical reasons, the number of participants is limited. We recommend registration as early as possible. As a courtesy to other potential participants, we ask you to inform us in case you cannot join the conference.

How to get the link to the conference?
As soon as your free registration has been accepted by our congress organization, you will get an e-mail by 3th July 2022 with your personal WebEx access link to the conference.

Late registration
Provided access codes are available, late registration will be possible until 4th July 12:00 hrs UTC. In this case you will get the e-mail before 5th July 2024 12 hrs UTC with the link, early enough to follow the conference.
Please understand that we cannot guarantee your participation if you register late.

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Please note, that WebEx is best supported by browsers such as MS Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Other browsers perhaps may not support the conference tool. We recommend downloading the private WebEx app.

You are a member of a NT or Acupuncture society, but your society does not support the free access?
Please, register here for the conference at a reduced membership fee.

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