Recognitions and Certificates

The courses are recognized as follows:

State Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg
The event is applied for with 25 CME points at the LÄK Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart.

IFMANT companies
IFMANT is the international umbrella organization of medical neural therapy societies from all over the world ( The IFMANT companies usually recognize the HUNTER courses.

Heidelberg Certificate TLA / Neural Therapy
Proof of 55 UE course participation and passed exam. Recertification with 10 UE within three years.

Heidelberg Certificate TLA Gynaecology
The certificate is a special case of the Heidelberg certificate only for gynecologists. Evidence of 30 UE, of which at least 20 UE are subject-specific, and examination.

All Master’s courses conclude with written-oral-practical performance assessments.